Our Kanban ethos

Our work philosophy

We Make Work Visible

Our work does not exist if it's not in the Trello.

We are Velocity Junkies

We put all our energy towards constantly accelerating the flow from the BACKLOG to DEPLOYED TO PRODUCTION. We're high whenever things get deployed. We're bad tripping whenever a card goes from right to left.

We Stop Starting and Start Finishing

We always prioritise finishing the WIP over starting new work (that is, if one has the choice between reviewing a PR / correcting a PR after a review vs starting new work, one should always prefer taking the steps towards merging the PR first).

We are No Octocats

We have never more than 3 cards IN PROGRESS concurrently.

We Hate Sleeping Beauties

We can't sleep when cards sleep too long IN REVIEW or DONE.

We Revere Ownership

As of the moment they enter CURRENT SPRINT, all cards must be assigned a member. This member has the sacred duty of ensuring the value linked to this card is deployed to production as soon as possible.

We Take Pleasure in Categorisation

All cards must be labelled from the moment of their creation.

We Call Each Thing by its Right Name

All cards should be self-explanatory (for anyone to pick up) and contain context, links and screenshots.

Making Work Visible is our Alpha & Omega

Our work does not exist if it's not in the Trello. Clear enough?