Remote team policy 🧘

We are a remote team and we thus act accordingly. Remote work is our default way of working.

Remote work as the default policy

Remote work is the default way of working. This, as a consequence means that as soon as one member is working remotely, the rest of the team is obliged to act as if everybody is working remotely :
  • Discussions are written down (Slack / Cycle / Email / Github) to allow everybody to be part of the discussions.
  • Decisions are written down and shared with everybody.
  • We always keep in mind that a misinformed team member is a breach to our "context is everything" ways of working point ! Without knowledge/information, nobody can take good decisions. Doesn't matter your level of smartness, a misinformed person is an unwillingly stupid person.
  • Processes and dev workflows are even more important when we are remote working !
  • Make work visible, share where you are at, what you are woking on. This is being transparent and it allows to increase the level of motivation of the whole team.
  • Share if something feels wrong, communicate efficiently and with precision. Remote communication can be harder to feel the other person mood, so make sure you put all the chances on the side of good communication. Never assume something, just ask instead.
  • We participate actively to the team spirit: we share discoveries and knowledge, we are available for others and we help each other.
  • Remote or not, we must be present to the tech meetings (standup, backlog discoveries, cycle planning sessions, experience sharing, ...). We don't really love meetings, so we don't have many of them, but when we do, then they're important.

Remote work's rules for a functional team

As a general agreement from the team:
  • We can come to the office whenever we want
  • We don't want to work remotely 100% of the time: we like the office for the atmosphere, the people, the informal discussions, the constant winning at foosball against the business team.
  • We can work up to 4 days/week remotely.
  • We are strongly invited to come to the office at least one day per week to keep the team together and are invited to come to the office a second day/week:
  • Onsite presence's exceptions are made for longer remote periods (up to 2 weeks) to allow people to work from abroad.