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Our culture: values and ways of working

Our culture and values are quite simple and you will quickly learn them as we truly live them every day ! There is no such thing as a culture on paper that is not reflecting the field's reality.

Values & ways of working


  • 🤞We cherish the value of honesty and transparency. If something remains unclear on both sides, it will probably end badly. So please, open your mouth when things aren't clear or when you feel bad about something. You will be part of all the decisions we take, you will be informed of the strategic shifts we make with the board and you will be invited to the shareholders meeting. A contract is not only its legal framework, but a trust between an employee and an employer. I hope (and I am sure) our relationship will be based on trust.
  • 📚Knowledge is meant to be shared. If you are blocked, ask ; If you have questions, shoot ; If you discover something new, structure it and make it a useful learning for the entire team. We don't allow secrets and assholes. There is no such thing as knowledge is power, you're not a James Bond villain 🦹!
  • 💪Empowered people are more independent, more free, happier, they go faster and further. This is based on the trust I talked here above of course. We are a result based company, meaning we don't really care about how much time you put into your work, we care about the results. Meaning you handle your work the way you want (remote working, family reunion on a Friday and working on a Sunday, ...). To be empowered, you need the context. We thus put a very high importance on the context.

Ways of working

  • ​💡Common sense: we assume that if you've made it through our recruitment process, you're smart enough to have common sense. Use it to take decisions and act on questions. It can solve 90% of your problems. Think about the situation, don't overreact, use your brain to find a solution and have the courage to go find the source of the issue, to get to the end of things.
  • ⏳Asynchronous is better: in terms of code, in terms of communication and in terms of way of working. We allow people to respond to questions at their own speed and don't expect immediate response all the time.
  • 💻Remote work is the default working policy. We thus act accordingly: decisions are written down and taken with everybody (onsite or not). We share information via Slack/Email/Cycle/Github even if we are present onsite, to allow everybody to be part of the discussions and the decisions. See more here.
  • 🧭Context is everything. It allows you to understand the meaning of your work, to take decisions, to challenge the decisions, to go faster and to find meaning in your job.
  • 🧑‍🎨We are proud of what we do and the things we create. We are craftsmen who takes pride in the piece of work we ship (wether it's frontend or backend), we thus act accordingly (well polished features, high standard of code quality, excellent documentation, ...).
  • 😗 K.I.S.S: Keep it sexy & simple. Contrary to what one might think, less lines of code is usually better. A smart and elegant solution is usually harder to find than a complicated one. Ex: removing lines in a bug fix ; removing an option on a form ; abstracting complex code lines to have a simpler interface => that's what we are aiming for.
  • 🧹Leave it clean: You finish a project, leave for a holiday period, please leave your work as you would have liked others to leave it for you. Put all the context on the card, take time for a proper handover with a colleague, send a status update to the new owner of the project. Your work, your responsibility.
Please don't leave your work like this ...