Welcome, new angel

Start your Seraphin tech journey here!

Hello world

If you're reading these lines, it means we have the honour to welcome you as a new team member 🚀.
In the coming months, you will learn 💩loads of new stuff. Some will be related to coding. A lot of this stuff will be related to developer's productivity and collaboration models. All along the way we promise that you'll have a lot of fun.
Before you go further, please take time to make the following commitment:
Let's make it a fucking great experience.
Your time at Seraphin will definitely leave a mark. You'll definitely never fucking look at yourself the same way again, we promise. To get reminded of this urge to leave a mark, will you kindly install this Chrome browser extension? We love being bold, we strive for excellence on a daily basis.

Your first steps

We'll help you setting up all of the following, but it's good you also keep this checklist in mind:
  • Get WiFi Access
  • Get a badge
  • Get access to your LastPass account
  • Get access to your GSuite account
  • Get access to our GitHub
  • Get access to CodeShip
  • Get access to our Trello board
On your side you should do the following:
  • Connect with your buddy so he can show you around at Seraphin
  • Spend some time reading the docs to get a feel of the scale / quality of our tech landscape
  • Spend some time looking at the Trello so you understand how strictly we apply our guidelines
  • Start your learning journey with the Learning Trajectories chapter

Enjoy the ride

Sit back, and buckle up for a crazy ride!